About Me

Things to Know About Me

For 19 years, I've written copy for a variety of industries: health, education, gift & decor, nonprofit, financial, food, lifestyle, home & garden, publishing, religious. Clients include national brands & local organizations. I've also been a creative director, video producer and voice talent. 

Here are a few more fun facts:

1. Creativity + Research + Strategy = Happy Brain

2. That is the extent of my mathematical abilities.

3. According to Buzzfeed, I'm a cross between LOTR's Galadriel & Firefly's Zoe Washburn who belongs in 1960s London & should have named a baby Samsung. It's like they can see into my soul.

4. According to Sally Hogshead's "How to Fascinate," I'm The Secret Weapon.

5. I love to cook & bake. Sometimes I write about it here.

6. It's rare to find me without a book within arm's reach. 

7. I love gardening & have a yard full of flower beds. But I manage to kill every single houseplant that has the misfortune to enter my home.

8. The Dick Van Dyke Show is still one of the funniest TV shows ever.

9. I'm wildly curious - which is a good thing, because there's still a lot that I don't know.